Local Connection: The Start of the Kealoha Trial

Local Connection: The Start of the Kealoha Trial
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HONOLULU, Hawaii (HawaiiNewsNow) -Finally, after five years in the headlines, the first trial in the Kealoha Corruption scandal will soon be underway.

Just this week, the court is trying to seat an impartial jury from a pool of hundreds of potential jurors.

That will certainly be a challenge given the drumbeat of news coverage recently – now that it is finally being covered heavily by every news outlet in the city.

From an obscure case of a stolen mailbox to the biggest public corruption trial in Hawaii history, Hawaii News Now has been proud to have led the coverage, even when many weren’t ready to accept the implications of what we were reporting.

Even without a verdict, the case has already changed the leadership Honolulu’s law enforcement agencies. Who knows where it will reach next?

It has also raised awareness of how a culture of silence can easily allow corruption to thrive in the darkness.

The first trial will focus on the mailbox and allegations the police chief and his prosecutor wife abused their power to avoid detection of other crimes.

They are innocent – until proven guilty, of course. And it will be interesting to finally hear their defense.

Keep an eye out for Lynn Kawano’s next half hour special –"The Mailbox" to help viewers understand the complex mix of players and legal maneuvers head.

We believe it is vitally important the public understand what is happening in this trial and those to come, because the outcome could profoundly affect the future of our city.

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