Father heard abusing toddler on live-streamed video, police say

Both parents arrested on suspicion of child abuse

MILFORD, Conn. (WTIC/CNN/Gray News) – Officers were called to a home in Milford, Conn., after people grew concerned about what they were hearing on a video being live-streamed on YouTube.

On May 9, people watching the live-stream of a video game heard a man yell: “I’m going to throw you out the [expletive] window if you don’t shut the [expletive] up!”

An arrest warrant says there appears to be striking or slapping sounds while the man shouts.

Viewers eventually contacted police.

The arrest warrant says Alessandra Sillo answered the door and acknowledged the reason why officers showed up. She brought down her two children, ages 2 and 3.

Officers said the children were living in poor conditions.

"They just felt that it was uninhabitable due to sanitary conditions,” said Michael DeVito of the Milford Police Department. “They've seen some houses that are less than perfect, but this one was really deplorable."

The warrant goes on to detail how officers eventually confronted the children’s father, Daniel Perez, about the video, which Perez initially denied being heard in.

The warrant says Perez eventually admitted to police the voice heard in the live-stream was in fact his. Police said he claimed he was shouting at one of the children because they spilled donuts on the bed and floor.

Police said Perez yelled in the video: "Look at the mess you made! Look at this mess! Eat it!"

WTNH reports Perez at one point told police the video wasn’t real, and he blamed it on online trolls and hackers who were jealous that he’d raised thousands of dollars to create a “Game of Thrones” card game.

Police also said there were old, visible burn marks on one of the children’s collar bone and ear.

The Department of Children and Families discovered there was no running water in the house. Sillo claimed she’d given the children a bath the night before, despite photographic evidence of clutter filling the tub.

The parents agreed to meet with DCF and a doctor the next day, but police said the family instead disappeared.

They were eventually found at a hotel in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Sillo is charged with risk of injury. Perez is facing charges of risk of injury and threatening in the second degree.

WTNH reports Perez is also facing additional assault charges.

The children are back in Connecticut in foster care.

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