Local Connection: Charlie Wade Allegations

Local Connection: Charlie Wade Allegations
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The evolution of the “Me Too” movement took another interesting turn last week, when a southern California newspaper reported an old and so far unsubstantiated sexual misconduct allegation against UH volleyball coach Charlie Wade.

The source of the information was the database of a website called "Safe Sport". It was formed to protect athletes in the wake of the sex abuse scandal in women's gymnastics.

Safe Sport has a searchable database open to the public that includes coaches and others who have been accused, even though the complaint has not been investigated yet.

That can be a valuable tool for protecting athletes – but it also presents an ethical dilemma for responsible news organizations. Hawaii News Now usually does not report unproven sexual misconduct complaints without a criminal charge or a lawsuit.

Apparently that was not the standard for the news site that reported the Wade complaint without hearing from Wade – who denies it – or the university.

It’s too early to make a judgement about Coach Wade’s conduct, and we should need to focus on the success of this amazing team.

It’s hard to imagine the timing of this article was an accident. It was likely timed to affect the national playoffs. Meant to discourage and distract the athletes from doing their best.

From what we have seen of this team, they are more than capable of rising above this challenge, and bringing home a national championship.

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