Plogging: The exercise routine with a weird name and an earth-friendly mission

Plogging: The exercise routine with a weird name and an earth-friendly mission
Theresa Strange shows off some of the litter she collects during her four-mile walk through Kapahulu and Waikiki. She's a fan of the eco-exercise called "plogging." (Image: Hawaii News Now) (Source: Hawaii News Now)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Retired school teacher Theresa Strange has an eco-conscious exercise routine.

“While I was walking I noticed a lot of trash, and I said, ‘You know, I can multi-task. Why not pick up the trash and get the exercise at the same time,’” she said.

What Strange does actually has a name.

“Plogging” started in Sweden a couple of years ago and is now popular around the world. It combines jogging or walking with picking up litter.

"If I don't do it, who's going to pick it up?" she asks.

Strange plogs on Date Street and Kapahulu Avenue, then down Ala Wai Boulevard. Along the way she steps and stoops to snatch up plastics and paper, whatever litter lines the roadway.

"Every viaduct and overpass has an immense amount of trash," she said.

Strange goes plogging six days a week, and although she covers the same four-mile route she is never at a loss for litter. Most mornings, she will gather enough garbage to fill two, 30-gallon trash bags.

She started plogging six months ago.

Some people take notice thank her for it.

"It's their community," she said.

Strange is proud to be a plogger and hopes others follow in her footsteps ― or better yet, give her a hand.

"I can cover so much more ground if there's more people involved, not just on one side of the street but both sides of the street," she said.

She would appreciate help with bigger and bulkier trash that she can’t pick up by herself.

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