Film on Waianae man credited for his heroism on 9/11 now available

A long awaited documentary about a Waianae man who saved lives on 9-11 will soon be available for viewing.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A new documentary spotlights a Waianae man’s heroism during the September 11 attack on Pentagon and the months following.

Corridor Four, which highlights Isaac Hoopii’s heroism, was released on Amazon and iTunes on Wednesday.

The documentary has taken years to make, using crowdfunding to support and launch the project.

It was shown on the big screen last year during film festivals in Hawaii, Washington, D.C., and in Los Angeles.

It’s widely known that Hoopii, 56, ran into the Pentagon after the plane hit that day and helped bring out the injured. He also guided those who were disoriented by the smoke to safety.

But what is not as well known is that Hoopii struggled afterward, suffering from stress and survivor’s guilt. While he saved many, he couldn’t save them all.

He wasn’t alone.

“A lot of officers resigned, or left, or took their own lives," Hoopii said. "They didn’t have any place for the first responders to go to to ask for help and assistance.”

The Waianae native found strength through his wife and children, his K-9, and his music. Hoopii is part of a Hawaiian music group called, The Aloha Boys.

While Corridor Four details the painful memories, it also highlights the importance of knowing when to get help. “I dont want people to think, going into it, because it has to do with 9-11 that it’s daunting and depressing," said producer Maria Bissell. "It’s a really uplifting film that ends with a lot of hope.”

Hoopii retired after 25 years with the Pentagon Police Department and joined the United States Capitol Police Department as a trainer in the K-9 division.

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