911 dispatcher whose calm voice helped parents deliver baby gets an in-person thanks

Honolulu dispatcher coached family through crash course in childbirth

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Kelii Kenney and his wife, Dana, visited EMS headquarters Wednesday to meet the dispatcher who helped them deliver their daughter through a 911 call.

Kelii: “Hello. Hi. My wife is going into labor at my house.”

Dispatcher: “What is your address?”

Last October, Kenney rushed home to find his wife in severe labor pains.

Their baby was coming fast, too fast to get her to the hospital.

"I wasn't calm at all. I was panicking a lot," he said.

He called 911 and got EMS dispatcher Crista Broxson.

"When he said the baby was crowning, that's imminent signs of delivery. The baby's coming now!" she said.

Dispatcher: “What number baby is this?”

Kelii: "This is our first. I'm panicking, man!"

Dispatcher: “No. That’s OK. I’m here with you.”

After Broxson dispatched the call for assistance she coached Kenney through a crash course in childbirth.

"She did a wonderful job keeping me calm, and reinforcing and assuring me," he said. "At that moment I put my complete confidence in Crista."

Broxson is also a paramedic, who's delivered babies in the field and coached other anxious parents through deliveries over the phone.

“I couldn’t focus on anything except breathing, at that point," Dana Akasaki-Kenney said. “To hear her calmness made a big difference.”

Dispatcher: “When she has her next contraction baby is going to come out. So you need to be ready.”

Seven minutes after the 911 call started Kelia-Mehana was born.

Kelii: "I got it. It’s a girl! It’s a girl! She’s crying and she’s moving.

Dispatcher: "Good. Good. You did a good job!"

“It brought a light to my day,” Broxson said. “I loved how happy he was and his emotions, that he delivered his own baby.”

“He was a great doctor!” Akasaki-Kenney said.

The couple are devout Christians. They believe it wasn’t by chance that Broxson got their 911 call.

“I think she’ll always be a part of our life. We’re never going to forget that!” Akasaki-Kenney said.

“I can’t compare it to anything else. That’s pretty much the top of the cake, right there for me,” Kenney said.

And the couple’s in-person meeting with Broxson just so happens to coincide with National Telecommunications Week ― a time to honor 911 call-takers and police radio dispatchers.

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