Driver lying about carjacking, says mother of Georgia girl hit by car while playing in front yard

Driver who hit 9-year-old playing in front yard lying about carjacking, girl’s mother says

DEKALB COUNTY, GA (WSB/CNN) - A car crashed into a house near Atlanta last month injuring a young girl playing outside.

The driver now claims he lost control of the vehicle because he was trying to get away from an armed carjacker.

But not everyone is buying his story.

A judge decided Monday there is enough evidence against Gabriel Fordham to move forward with prosecuting the case.

Charlotte Bolton, the mother of the injured girl, said she doesn’t buy Fordham’s defense.

“You can lie to your attorney, you can lie to the public, but you can’t lie to me,” said Bolton, the home owner and mother of La’Derihanna Holmes.

Fordham said he lost control and hit her 9-year-old daughter and her friend in the front yard of her Lithonia home last month because a gunman carjacked him.

A security camera from her home recorded the crash.

“If it wasn’t for those videos, this guy would have been gone, he would have disappeared,” Bolton told WSB. “I am just thankful that we had the cameras at the time.”

La’Derihanna is recovering from a fractured skull and a broken pelvic bone.

The girl also now has a heart complication.

"Everybody around the world has been praying for my daughter, it's been working, she is very appreciative," Bolton said.

Fordham's girlfriend testified that she owns the car he was driving and told the court he called her right after the crash and told her he was robbed.

During a heated cross examination with the detective, the defense raised questions about the investigation.

“Our heart goes out to the young lady that was injured but we have to remember there are two victims in this case,” said Gerald Grigg, Fordham’s defense attorney.

While the judge denied bond because Fordham was on probation, his attorney said he could still get out.

“Once we talk to the judge that has him on probation, hears the evidence and sees the video, he will be granted bond and we can go on and move expeditiously in this case to get a resolution,” Grigg said.

Police have not confirmed whether there was a carjacking and they're still looking for the passenger of the car.

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