Local Connection: The End of the Special Election

Local Connection: The End of the Special Election
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) -Congratulations to Tommy Waters on his win in the East Honolulu council campaign re-match.

And we should also congratulate the voters of the fourth district, who endured five extra months of campaigning and still stayed engaged and informed and cast their votes.

And they voted in impressive numbers for a special election. Some 49 percent of registered voters participated, even without top-ticket contests for President, governor or Mayor to attract their attention.

So this was also a victory for the concept of mostly-mail elections.

The major concern about mail-in voting is the potential for fraud. But because elections officials don't have to organize and coordinate the usual system of neighborhood polling places, they can spend energy making sure their security is as tough as possible.

They've already developed pretty efficient and effective ways of verifying that mailed ballots are actually coming from the voter. And anyone who doesn't trust the mail can still find a place to vote in person.

This election proves the mail system is viable and now embraced by voters. Lawmakers should accelerate the process to do this across the state.

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