Long-time volunteer helps Hawaii Foodbank keep feeding families

Long-time volunteer helps Hawaii Foodbank keep feeding families

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Blanche McMillan serves as an outreach coordinator for St. George Catholic Church in Waimanalo.

Around the church she’s known as ‘Aunty Blanche.’

“They always call me ‘Aunty,’” she said. “They always tell me, ‘Aunty, you’re the best on this side of the island!’ I love to help those with not only food, but clothing.'”

McMillan oversees the Hawaii Foodbank’s ohana distribution that’s held on the first Thursday of each month. It distributes food to about 700 people.

"We just bring them in. We have packages and boxes of food ready to give to them," she said.

The Hawaii Foodbank provides the food. The church is the avenue for getting it to those who need help.

"This is where the clients come. They get their food and we know they're fed. So it's the end game. It's the most important part," the Hawaii Foodbank's Kim Bartenstein said.

McMillan says she’s doing God’s work.

"This is what it's all about, to serve the people," she said.

McMillan has a personal connection to the people she helps. She came from a poor family, but her parents taught her a valuable lesson.

"They were even helping poor people," she said. "That's how I started to learn how to give back to those that are in need."

She also runs the church's food pantry.

"There's always things for them. It's never empty in my pantry. It's always open," she said.

McMillan has been St. George’s outreach coordinator for seven years. She has overseen the Foodbank distribution for five years, and she has no plans to stop.

"I want to do this forever! If you need help, come to St. George Church if you live on the windward side. I’d be happy to help you out,” she said.

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