For the Family: Easter Fun Ideas for the Kids

For the Family - Easter Fun Ideas for the Kids

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Christi Young from Honolulu Family here to help us feel a little more crafty for the Easter holiday.

So every year, you love to dye Easter Eggs, we love to do that with our kids. But usually it’s just dip and the kids run off and you’re left with entire cups full of dye. So here’s something you can do to get a little more artistic with your kids.

You can use hard-boiled eggs if you want or you can get these plastic decorative eggs. They sell them at Target, they work with dye really nicely, and you can actually keep them every year and make them special eggs to hide during the hunt.

Another thing you can do is grate the crayons and to make crayon shavings. You hard-boil the egg, then you dry it off, and then just roll the egg in the crayon shavings and they’ll melt on just like that. You can add a little glitter for some sparkle, you can mix it up with one or two colors.

I wouldn’t do any more than four because then it starts to melt into brown, which is never ideal, but if it’s a little warmer, it’ll melt a little more. If the egg’s a little cooler, it’ll be more 3D, which is cool for the kids.

You have to use hard-boiled eggs for this one because you need that heat from the egg, but it’s a great way also to get rid of those extra crayons that are lying around the house. You just take them and turn them into great Easter Eggs. Plus it makes it a little bit more exciting, gets them a little bit more engaged.

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