What’s Trending: ‘Joker’ trailer, A love story, Dog is April fooled, Janties

What's Trending: "Joker' trailer, A love story, Dog is April fooled, Janties

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Warner Brothers has released the first trailer for “Joker.” The film stars Joaquin Phoenix as the iconic villain. Joker hits theaters on October 4. By the way - it’s Heath Ledger’s birthday today. He played the Joker in The Dark Knight. Ledger died in 2008. He would’ve been 40.

A video was posted on China Daily’s Facebook page and has gotten about 25 million views. Meet Mr and Mrs Wang. She’s 99 and he’s 97, and they’ve been together for 82 years. The great-great-grandparents live in Lin-yi. Their youngest grandchild says they were first introduced by neighbors. After their family agreed on the union, Mr. Wang picked up his bride with a wooden cart pulled by cows, but they weren’t able to have a wedding ceremony because it was around the time of the war. Fast forward to this year, their granddaughter arranged a simple wedding ceremony for the couple.

'Janties’ are the latest and weirdest fashion craze. They’re made from denim with a zip front and button in the waistband. They’re a combination of jeans and panties. The Parisian company that designed them says they can be worn under or over pants or on their own. They cost $300 a pair. They’re from a high end Parisian company called the Y project and they’re sold out.

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