Geek Beat: Apple Announcements, Nintendo Switch Update and Fortnite Controversy

Live from Hawaii Pacific University’s ESports Arena at the Aloha Tower Marketplace.

Geek Beat: Ian Kitajima and Burt Lum at the Hawaii Pacific University's ESports Arena, Aloha Tower Marketplace.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - We talked about the following tech subjects:

1. Apple announcements: Burt talked about the cover Apple Card, Arcade and TV Plus

The moves that Apple are making are for the long haul.

2. Nintendo Switch new models (Ian)

Nindendo really being game changers; game consoles that are operate as stand alone devices; they have their own screens that many people can operate; or as something that you can stick into the 4k television like a console and play on a big screen. It will startt to make the diference.

3. Fortnite controversy

This is where Fortnite, early on the rules benefitted the gamers, who were monitizing their health and basically ganging up on the newbies making it hard for the newbies to play or learn. Makers of Fortnite relaxed the rules and helped to "level the palying" but making others bothered by the whole thing. Controversy isn't over yet; look for more on the subject as more people give their feedback.

HPR-1 tonight has Bytemarks Cafe where you will hear more from Bert Lum!

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