Despite court order, Katherine Kealoha fights to keep personnel files secret

Despite court order, Katherine Kealoha fights to keep personnel files secret
Katherine Kealoha, HNN File (Source: HNN)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Katherine Kealoha’s personnel records have already been turned over to Circuit Court Judge Edward Kubo.

But in a bizarre filing Tuesday, her attorney wants that to be kept secret, citing privacy issues.

The Honolulu Prosecuting Attorney’s Office had refused to give up the ex-deputy prosecutor’s files until last week, when Judge Kubo scolded them for defying the court’s order to turn them over.

According to a spokesman for the office, the information was sent to the court shortly after the lashing from the judge.

The reason the court wants to review the information; Katherine Kealoha, who was head of the Career Criminal Unit, worked to prosecute a Honolulu Police Sergeant, who was a witness against her in the federal grand jury. That grand jury has since indicted Kealoha on dozens of criminal trials, including obstruction of justice.

The Sergeant, Albert Lee’s subsidized vehicle was found crashed into a HECO building in 2016, the day he was to testify.

His attorney, Megan Kau, said the DUI case should never have been under the Career Criminal Unit, which goes after repeat felons.

Judge Kubo expressed his concern, “I smell something very stink in this case.”

Kau is claiming vindictive prosecution and retaliation, and says she needs part of Kealoha’s personnel files to prove it, “Of course it makes me wonder and probably the court, what’s in that file that you’re trying to hide?” said Kau.

Previous attempts to keep those files secret in the federal court system have also failed.

Kealoha said sensitive medical information is contained in the personnel records.

Hawaii News Now reported last year that Kealoha claimed to have had Transient Global Amnesia, a temporary condition that causes memory loss.

She took months off of work as part of medical leave.

It’s not clear what Judge Kubo will do since Kealoha made the request with the court, but he made it clear last week that he has every right to review the files to see if it’s relevant to the case against Sgt. Lee.

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