UH Manoa faculty housing latest to be hit in rash of burglaries

Faculty housing latest target in recent campus crime

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Two suspects attempted to burglarize a home at the Kau’iokahaloa Iki Faculty Housing complex in Manoa Valley on Friday afternoon.

The Department of Public Safety at UH Manoa says residents there interrupted the crime while it was happening. Two suspects were seen leaving the home after they were interrupted.

One of the suspects made a verbal threat to a neighbor as he left.

“It is disappointing that this would happen in the middle of the day,” said Chrissy Mogren, who was finishing up a walk with her dog near Lowrey and Woodlawn in Manoa Valley around noon when police filled the neighborhood.

“I walked around the corner and noticed there was a designer handbag on the sidewalk. So, I kind of put two and two together that maybe there had been a break-in,” said Mogren.

Police believe the two suspects made their way in by removing jalousies.

It’s unclear what they were able to get away with, but what has most people in the neighborhood are worried is just how bold of a crime it was.

“It’s disappointing," Mogren said. “You get a number of emails from the university about break-in’s on campus or going through people’s labs and taking things. There is no reason to believe it’s the same people. It’s just happening.”

University of Hawaii Associate Director of Communications Brent Suyama responded to the sudden rash of property crimes.

"There have been a couple of incidents recently. From what we gather none of them seem to be related," said Suyama.

Since March 20, the university’s Public Safety Department has made a number of announcements about break-ins and burglaries. A mail room, storage facilities, and now separate instances at housing facilities have been targeted, all the places where students and faculty should feel safest.

"We take the security and safety of our students staff and faculty very seriously," added Suyama. "We're always looking at different ways in which we can make things safer around the university. Whether it be in our classrooms or in our housing areas."

Mogren is hoping something is done soon before anyone gets hurt.

“It’s faculty housing. People live here with their families so there are also small children around to so in the middle of the day," Mogren said.

“It seems like maybe these people were casing the place out. A police presence just every couple of hours isn’t going to cut it. It seems like more does need to happen.”

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