Football fans sacked by skyrocketing prices for Cowboys, Rams game

Published: Mar. 22, 2019 at 6:33 AM HST
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Cowboys-Rams game this summer will be the first preseason NFL game in Hawaii since 1976.

But people who didn’t get their seats right away may be forced to spend big money on the resale market.

"Makes me mad," said Jacob Edelheit. “They don't ever come here. The Pro Bowl stopped coming here. We don't get anything cool.”

Hawaii residents once again believe bots are to blame for the extremely high ticket prices on to watch the Dallas Cowboys take on the Los Angeles Rams at Aloha Stadium in August.

Hulali Mohi and her family are die-hard Rams fans. She said when tickets went on sale Thursday morning, her dad snagged his right away.

“The same exact tickets that he paid $40 for, they were on sale for $600,” Mohi said.

Mohi said she had to settle for the section right above his and even those prices didn’t last.

“I bought my tickets for $70 but when my friend found out that I got my tickets, she asked me if I could get tickets for her and by the time I went back on, they were already $1,000."

Mohi said she went through this same scenario when Bruno Mars’ tickets skyrocketed last year.

Mohi said she thought things would be different this time around and is disappointed that it is not.

“One of the big pieces of legislation this year to address these bot sales was to put a cap on the price of tickets so that they can only be resold at about the price you buy them,” said State Representative Chris Lee, chair of the House Judiciary Committee.

However, House Bill 1166 was deferred last month.

Representative Lee said he is in favor of the cap on the prices and would like to see more in-person ticket sales.

"We need to have a way to meaningfully stem the tide of rising bots and scam artists and all the people who are basically exploiting local people,” said Lee.

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