Local Connection: The Priced Out Of Paradise Crisis

Local Connection: The Priced Out Of Paradise Crisis

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Just as Hawaii's legislative session crosses into its second half – a new poll should make crystal clear what lawmakers should see as their top priority.

The poll sponsored by Pacific Resource Partnership includes the alarming finding that 45 percent of households have either had someone move to the mainland or strongly consider it.

It’s because of the high cost of living which is made unbearable by the ridiculous price of a home.

And those that are considering leaving are people who in prior years might have stayed. They are college educated with higher incomes. They've could have managed the price of paradise before – but no more.

These are the people that our state is counting on to be innovators, entrepreneurs, and leaders into the future.

Someone needs to restore hope to these young and talented people so that IF they leave, they can see opportunities to come home.

This legislature must approve realistic and attainable plans to solve our housing crisis, and the Ige administration must begin immediately to implement them.

At this point – we have run out of time to waste on this crisis.

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