Honolulu Zoo’s newest bundle of joy now on display

Honolulu Zoo welcomes a baby bongo antelope!

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Headed to the Honolulu Zoo?

Don’t miss its newest addition: A baby bongo antelope born at the zoo last month.

The female calf doesn’t yet have a name. But the little tike is now display at the zoo with her mother, Topanga.

Known for their distinctive brown skin and white stripes, bongo antelopes are typically found in eastern, western and Central Africa.

The population of the bongo antelopes has been dwindling.

They are currently listed as a “near threatened” species, with just about 28,000 bongo antelopes left in the world.

“Every new birth at the Honolulu Zoo is exciting, and the fact that eastern lowland bongos are considered to be near threatened makes this new calf even more special,” said Zoo Director Linda Santos.

“So this little girl is super important for us, and really close to our heart.”

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