Business Report: Southwest vs Hawaiian airlines

Business Report: Southwest vs Hawaiian airlines

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - On today’s business report, we want Southwest to succeed, but we don’t want Hawaiian to fail.

In an annoyed response to a reporter’s question about the public interest, New York Central Railway Chairman William Vandelbilt, a second-generation rail mogul, said, “The public be damned.”

The public didn’t take kindly to being damned, and Vanderbilt didn’t take kindly to being taken out of context. The rest of his response was, “I’m working for my shareholders.”

The fact is, by law, executives of public-traded companies are working for their shareholders. Now: how does this tie to Hawaii air service? Delta may see profit in flying here, but if circumstances changed it would trim service and expect you to understand.

The difference with Hawaiian is that it’s based here; this is all it has. Southwest though has 60% of California airline business, and California thinks of Hawaii as an adjunct to the California economy.

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