Business Report: How the University of Hawaii impacts the State

Business Report: How The University of Hawaii impacts the State

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The legislature this month has proposed devastating cuts to UH funding, leading the usually mild-mannered UH President David Lassner to describe the proposal as “ill-informed.” I’ve never hesitated to diss UH when I think it deserves it, but today I’m here not to bury it but to praise it.

What UH does for Hawaii

+ Trains accountants, lawyers and medical personnel.

+ Studies and researches our economy and our agriculture.

+ Keeps the Hawaiian language alive and studies Hawaiian culture.

+ Trains our hospitality managers.

+ Nurtures relations with other PacRim economies and cultures.

+ Helps residents do well when they move to the mainland.

+ Attracts mainland students who pay higher tuition and subsidize local students.

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