Detect-A-Leak Week Starts Today

Continuous leaking water may mean you might be paying for water you don’t use

HNN 8 a.m. on BOH Interview - Detect-a-leak Week

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The Board of Water Supply is launching its Detect A Leak Week campaign today. The campaign encourages Oahu residents to check their households for leaky faucets, toilets, and pipes. Kathleen Elliott-Pahinui from the Board of Water Supply and Frank Suster from City Mill are here on Sunrise this morning.

Frank Suster ran us thru how to detect a leak in a toilet, the #1 place where leaks are detected. Also some of the parts that may need replacement.

Kathleen Elliot-Pahinui let us know about how that can mean money out of your pocket with continous leaking water, not to mention that water wasted is wated that someone else doesn’t get to use.

Detect-A-Leak Week (DALW) is a public outreach program on Oahu that reminds all Oahu water users to check their fixtures for leaks. A leak is “the sneaky water waster,” since you pay for water you don’t use. DALW will take place from March 18-24.

Kathleen also encourages everyone to take action by going to a satellite City Hall, BWS Lobby or City Mill stores to pick up a FREE toilet leak detection dye tablet.

The first Detect-A-Leak Week observance occurred in 1991. Over the years, it has been an effective water conservation outreach program. Most people are unaware of property leaks until they see a high-water bill. The BWS and City Mill are encouraging residents and property owners to check their toilets for leaks by providing free toilet leak detection dye tablets. Finding and fixing leaks can save money in water and sewer charges. The BWS and participating organizations want to help water customers find and fix property leaks.

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