A stinkier-than-normal ‘stink pond’ in Nanakuli has drivers rolling up their windows

A stinkier-than-normal ‘stink pond’ in Nanakuli has drivers rolling up their windows

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Nanakuli residents call it the stink pond ― but some say it’s been smellier than usual during the past several days.

(Image: Hawaii News Now)
(Image: Hawaii News Now)

“When the wind shifted blowing offshore, there was a septic smell coming from behind us," said Greg Gommeringer, who first noticed the odors when he visited Zablan Beach several days ago.

Recent rains have washed runoff in the stream causing the algae to bloom and suffocate more fish than usual.

“The pond back here is called the stink pond. I’ve live here since 1978, that’s what we called it,” said Nanakuli native Janice Akau.

“When there’s no wind, the people that are in traffic are going to smell it.”

Commuters stuck in traffic have taken to the web to complain about the problem. One said she called the police and another said the smell was so bad Thursday night that she had to apply Vicks to her nose.

While most streams empty into the ocean, the elevated shoreline at Zablan Beach acts like a natural dam.

Residents said only time the stream is cleared up is during heavy rains and when summer swells clear away some of the barrier."

“One time we had a big rain about five or six years ago. And this whole stream was opened up," said Akau.

Some say the state should open up the mouth of the stream so it could flow to the ocean.

“It would be nice to have a nicer beach experience, especially for the tourists who come here, you know a cleaner area," said Wahiawa resident Tiffany Gommeringer.

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