Woman describes years of abuse tied to former Maui coach accused of sex assault

Former Maui basketball coach indicted for sex assault; alleged victim speaks out on years of abuse

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The former basketball coach of Maui’s Seabury Hall has been indicted for multiple counts of sexual abuse, which occurred before he was hired at the school.

Jonathan Furtado, 37, was indicted for 17 counts of first-degree sex assault and one count of second-degree sex assault.

Furtado is currently out on $1 million bail.

His accuser is one of his former players.

Trina Valencia said she first met Furtado when she was in the sixth grade. At the time, Furtado was the coach at a local basketball club team and she was a player.

“He just told me that I was good and if I wanted to start training with him,” Valencia said.

Hawaii News Now normally does not name victims of sexual abuse, but the now 23-year-old felt it was important for her to share her story publicly because she believes there are more victims.

The relationship developed while she attended Seabury Hall, which she left in 2011. Furtado was subsequently hired as coach at Seabury in 2015.

The headmaster confirmed that he is no longer with the school.

Valencia said she was in the eighth grade when she first got suspicious. They were preparing for a basketball tournament on Kauai.

“We slept over his house because it was a really early flight. He slept on the floor, I slept on his bed. It was in the morning and we were in Kula, so it was really cold," she said.

"He was cold I guess, so he hopped on the bed when we woke up and he was like, ‘I’m so cold’ and he put me on his lap,” Valencia said.

Valencia said the grooming and the manipulation lasted for years.

“Basketball was life and if I didn’t want to be with him then he wouldn’t train me kind of thing because there were times where I broke up with him,” she said.

Valencia’s attorney, Mark Gallagher, said Furtado was trusted by Valencia and her family.

“He used those positions to gradually get more contact with her,” Gallagher said. “By having this isolated time with her, he was able to gradually escalate the conduct from inappropriate touching to a full-on sexual relationship.”

Valencia said she believed they were in an actual relationship. She said Furtado would write love letters to her.

“I ended up loving him,” she said. “It was forced at first, but I ended up actually falling in love with him.”

It wasn’t until she got older, Valencia said she knew she could not stay silent.

“I started realizing it when I got older, this is wrong. A 28-year-old man should not be dating a 14-year-old.”

Valencia hopes that if there are other girls, her story will empower them to come forward.

As for her, she hopes Furtado will be brought to justice.

“If that was your daughter, you wouldn’t want a 28-year-old taking their virginity,” she said.

Gallagher said Valencia will be filing a lawsuit against Furtado next week.

“If there are other survivors out there of abuse by Jon or abuse by other coaches or teachers, they should speak," Gallagher said. “And they don’t need to speak publicly. Trina is very brave in terms of be willing to do that. But they can speak privately, and they can get help for themselves.”

Hawaii News Now was unable to reach Furtado for comment.

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