Forecast: Lighter winds, fewer showers ahead of approaching front

First Alert Forecast for Thursday

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Trade winds are starting to slow down as a high pressure ridge weakens to the north. Trade wind showers will also decrease a bit due to the weaker winds and stable conditions aloft.

Winds will be light on Saturday ahead of a weak cold front. The front itself will boost shower activity a bit on Sunday, but it's not going to have that much moisture. It's also going to move along pretty quickly down the island chain.

The front will be followed immediately by moderate to breezy northerly winds and a drier airmass. Trade winds will return Monday and Tuesday, with only light windward and mauka showers expected.

At the beach, we’re looking at new northwest swells late Thursday and Friday that will keep waves on the higher side. We’re also tracking a very large northwest swell that could bring warning-level waves Sunday and Monday. Surf is declining on east shores as the trade winds trail off, and south shore surf will remain on the small side.

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