5-foot-long boa constrictor found in Kunia

5-foot-long boa constrictor found in Kunia

KUNIA (HawaiiNewsNow) - A 5-foot-long boa constrictor was found in Kunia last week, the Hawaii Department of Agriculture said.

Officials said a farm worker came across the snake near the bushes along Kunia Road on Friday afternoon.

He and his nephew then captured it and held it in a trash can overnight before turning it in to HDOA’s plant quarantine office on Saturday.

Boa constrictors, which can grow up to 12 feet in length, are non-venomous and native to Central and South America.

Snakes have no natural predators in Hawaii and pose a serious threat to the environment, officials said. Many species can prey on birds and their eggs, and large snakes can also be a danger to the public and small pets.

Anyone who finds illegal animals are urged to turn them in to any HDOA office, the Honolulu Zoo or any Humane Society.

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