What’s Trending: Manafort’s sentence, How not to pour champagne, Ultimate ski lift

What's Trending: Manafort's sentence, How not to pour champagne, Ultimate ski lift

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Couple interesting tweets about Paul Manafort’s light sentence for bank fraud. Guess who wrote this: General David Petraeus, no jail time, for trading secrets to get a more favorable biography; Paul Manafort, less than four years for a lifelong carnival of criminality; Chelsea Manning, 35 years, for revealing actual war crimes. That tweet came from Ed Snowden, who blew the whistle on illegal surveillance of Americans. And Monica Lewinsky tweeted back at Ed Snowden, saying SHE was threatened with 27 years for trying to keep an affair private.

Russian TV host and tech reporter Dmitry Blinnikov posted a video on Twitter last week showing a poor guy’s fail and how not to pour a champagne fountain.

Three thrill-seekers slipped down ropes, dangling from a Zeppelin onto a summit in the Austrian Alps. Then, they snowboarded and skied down the 73-hundred foot tall mountain into the valley below. Apparently, it took two years of planning to make it happen.

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