Business Report: Drawings NOT made by Howard

Business Report: Drawings NOT made by Howard

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - These are better drawings, because they’re made by children. When JTB decided to buy three electric buses for use in Hawaii, they had an idea. Why not wrap the buses in children’s drawings made for the Blue Planet Foundation? Here are 10 of the 41 excellent drawings the keiki crafted.

1. Tenth grader Mary Grace DeVera-Kuahuia from Molokai’s Aka’ula School went with a pun – “Electric is the way to flow!” Notice she anthropomorphized the light bulb.

2. Sixth grader Maya Matson from Kaunakakai Elementary used the slogan “100% Renewable” and kept interest up by placing us under attack by giant moths.

3. Tenth grader Raymart Billote of Waipahu High School made rail into a roller coaster ride and there is a flying car.

4. Sixth grader C.J. Wallace from Kaunakakai is clearly drawing Japan or the U.K. because the bus is driving on the left.

5. Fourth grader Everest Martinez from Manoa Elementary got my attention having the Sun laughing.

6. Noelani Elementary fourth grader Lydia Son wrapped the planet with her slogans. This is Westeros over here.

7. Lauren Guard, an eighth grader from Maui's Carden Academy, kept hers simple and elegant, and extremely hyphenated.

8. Kennedy-Anne Marx from Le Jardin used a renewable energy broom, and sneaked in another theme by showing a guy cutting fishing lines off a whale.

9. Noelani fourth grader Taylor Takesue made her slogan rhyme, and gave her electric vehicle a nice overhead lamp.

10. And Leo Johnson of Sunset Beach Elementary shows a great sense of perspective in art, something I’ve always lacked.

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