What’s Trending: ‘Conflicted’ definition, X-mas decor still up, Interracial couple emojis, Masked dancer

What's Trending: 'Conflicted' definition, X-mas decor still up, Interracial relationship emojis, Masked dancer

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - President Trump keeps misusing the word “conflicted.” I want to explain what the word actually means. And what I think HE means. Trump uses it when, based on context, he appears to mean someone has a conflict of interest. What conflicted actually means is that you are of two minds about something. That you are having an internal struggle. Giving government business to a company you own stock in, would be a conflict of interest. To want to have ice cream and to stay on your diet is to be conflicted.

It’s still the most wonderful time of the year in South Sacramento. There are 85 Christmas banners hanging from streetlights in the business district. As you can imagine, people are confused about why they’re still up, months after the holiday season came to an end. The executive director of the “Mack Road Partnership” takes responsibility. He says there are two sets of signs: One for Christmas and another for the rest of the year. But that second set is worn out and is being replaced. And they’re trying to save money by hiring a crew just once to take down the Christmas decorations and put up new banners, once they’re delivered.

We all know that to get a full understanding of societal norms, you must study emojis!!! And they’re expanding. This is the most recent addition interracial couples. Up until now the emojis of the men and women...or men and men...or women and women have all come in the standard yellow. Now you can choose, and it’s all thanks to Tinder. Tinder launched the #representlove campaign last year with a petition to include interracial couples on the emoji keyboard. It said, “Isn’t it time all love was represented?”

There’s been a lot of talk about the show “The Masked Singer.” Celebrities wear a big mask to hide their identity and sing a song and the judges have to figure out who the mystery celebrity is. Ellen decided to do her own spin on it and do “The Masked Dancer”. She, Twitch and Ken Jeong— Who is an actual judge on the show— watch the masked celebrity dance, then ask them a few questions and try to guess who it is.

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