Meet Allison Lee Wong: Court filings outline alleged role of alias in case against Kealohas

Former high-ranking deputy city Prosecutor Katherine Kealoha is accused of using an alias,...
Former high-ranking deputy city Prosecutor Katherine Kealoha is accused of using an alias, Allison Lee Wong. (Image: Hawaii News Now)
Published: Feb. 26, 2019 at 4:33 PM HST
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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Federal investigators allege an imaginary person played an integral role in the rise of a former Honolulu power couple, ex-Police Chief Louis Kealoha and his wife, Katherine, a former deputy city prosecutor wife. That same imaginary person could now play a part in their downfall.

Allison Lee Wong was Katherine Kealoha’s alleged alias.

And in recently-filed court documents, federal prosecutors outline Wong’s extensive paper trail ― and how the alias is linked to a number of the crimes the Kealohas are alleged to have committed.

“Alison Lee Wong is the ever-versatile alias Katherine Kealoha calls upon to dodge scrutiny, forge documents, secure state Senate confirmation, and more,” prosecutors wrote, in the documents,

“Indeed, the truth about Wong, alone, could irreversibly damage the Kealohas’ professional reputations and subject them to immediate scrutiny. This is because ‘Alison’ played a prominent — even public — role in the Kealohas’ rise to power, and also appeared in all the underlying segments of fraud committed by the Kealohas.”

Federal prosecutors had to unpack Wong for the court because attorneys for the Kealohas argued that the alias was immaterial to the allegations against the couple.

The first federal case involving the two is set to kick off next month, and will be focused on alleged financial crimes.

A second case will focus on allegations of public corruption, while a third ― involving Katherine Kealoha and her physician brother ― will take up a series of drug charges.

The Kealohas have denied all the allegations against them, and have said they look forward to offering their defense.

That defense will almost certainly have to explain Wong’s role in their lives.

Federal authorities allege Katherine Kealoha deployed her alias frequently ― and in plain sight.

Allison Lee Wong was the “notary” that gave Kealoha access to a family trust, and submitted testimony in support of Kealoha’s gubernatorial nomination as director of the Office of Environmental Quality Control, authorities said.

“Allison Leewong” even had a Facebook page and used it to urge support for Louis Kealoha as the chief of police.

And, federal authorities allege, the Kealohas used Allison Lee Wong to commit everything from identity theft to bank fraud and to attempt to hide thefts from trusts that they were draining (or had already drained).

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