Entertainment: Battle Rounds Day 2 for “The Voice” continues

Also: Captain Marvel “Shaka”, “I Am The Night” Hawaii shown on TV, Wailau Ryder, John Cruz and Kalani Pe’a Grammy Jacket

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HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - We are recapping last night’s show on “The Voice”

Last night, Grace’s favorite part of “The Voice” continued; it was the blind auditions and it kicked off strong right out of the blocks. Domenic Haynes was the first singer on the show and Adam turned his chair first. Then it was Freshman Judge John Legend hitting his button, but what Legend didn’t know was that Adam had blocked him. Kelly Clarkson and Blake Shelton saw and were cracking up that Legend didn’t see it and was dancing. Finally Legend saw the “Blocked” lights on the floor and the look at Adam was “Legend-ary”.

The back stories are just as endearing and interesting as the performances themselves. A trio was on the stage for the first time ever in the history of the competition last night. The Bundy’s eventually picked Team Kelly.

John Legend got the last word in last night as he blocked Adam Levine from getting singer Julian King by fractions of a second. Kelly and Blake didn’t turn their chairs so King automatically went to John Legend’s stable of performers. It was awesome to watch and congratulations to all of the performers so far. The Voice is on Monday and Tuesday nights at 7:00pm on KHNL.

Other entertainment news: The T-N-T mini-series “I Am The Night” headed to Hawaii for its second-to-last episode on Monday. This episode is appropriately titled “Aloha.”“I Am The Night” is a mystery and crime drama starring Chris Pine. Crews filmed the episode on Oahu in March 2018.

Post from Wailau Ryder who was out in Aotearoa; Wailau was reflective when he posted saying “I’d just like to say thank you to all the artists that I’ve worked with from humble beginnings to now humble present day ventures from here and there and everywhere.”

It’s obvious John Cruz is loving family life, his other half Ka’io Martin has been posting awesome pictures and video. A wonderful picture of John cruising with the little one at home...

and finally Kalani Pe’a’s flashy purple sequin jacket will be on display at the Grammy Museum. The local boy wore the jacket to accept his latest Grammy this month. He shared his excitement on social media, saying “I CANNOT BELIEVE: This is sooooooo cool! What an honor to be displayed with Dolly Parton, Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Don Ho and more. Aloooooha!” Congratulations to Kalani Pe’a!

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