Hometown Heroes: The crossing guard who keeps drivers and walkers in smiles

Hometown Heroes: The ‘amazing’ crossing guard who keeps drivers and walkers in smiles

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Police say too many drivers are distracted these days, focusing on cell phones instead of the roads.

But in Kailua, one school crossing guard is known for going above and beyond to keep pedestrians safe.

Rain or shine — “Miss Elsie” — has been out on the corner of North Kainalu Drive and Kaha Street for the past four years to make sure children and adults in her community are safe.

Elsie Miyashiro knows everyone by name — and as long as school is in session, she is there.

"She's just amazing. She loves the kids. She always has a smile on her face no matter what the weather. And she's just family to us,” said Kainalu Elementary School principal Kimberly Anthony Maeda.

Kids who used the crosswalk properly get a high five.

Whether it’s with a wave, a shaka, or a thumbs-up, Miyashiro says her main goal is to make drivers notice her because the intersection before she started was very dangerous.

“Traffic was terrible. People would just run the stop sign. Not listening. Just on the hurry all the time,” Miyashiro said.

She said she couldn’t just sit back and do nothing. "So I thought maybe I can do something. I don’t know if it’s legal by HPD. But I try to do my best,” Miyashiro said.

Given all the pedestrian accidents and fatalities lately, many people in Kailua agree: Every school needs an Elsie Miyashiro.

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