GRAPHIC: Woman, 52, dies after being mauled by her own dogs

GRAPHIC: Woman, 52, dies after attack by own dogs

GREENVILLE, SC (WYFF/CNN) - A South Carolina woman was killed Friday after being viciously attacked by her own dogs.

Warning: Some readers may find details in this story disturbing.

Neighbors said she was playing around with them in her front yard when they suddenly turned on her.

The two dogs are described by the coroner and shelter officials as boxer mixes.

Amber Greer said she heard the screams as the dogs tore into Nancy Cherryl Burgess-Dismuke, her neighbor.

“They were trying to kill Miss Nancy,” Greer said. “They wanted Miss Nancy to die. I don’t know what their beef was with that lady, but they were trying to kill Miss Nancy.”

“One on one arm, one on the other arm,” she said.

Burgess-Dismuke was taken by ambulance to Greenville Memorial Hospital, where she died about 10 p.m. Thursday.

Denzel Whiteside picked up an ax and started whacking the dogs to try to free Burgess-Dismuke.

"Grabbed the ax, is the only thing I could find and then I went in,” Whiteside said. “It was almost like the dogs didn't feel it at all."

William Long also tried to help.

“He grabbed the ax, I grabbed the drive-shaft and we just beat the dog off of her,” Long said.

Long said the dogs appeared to be possessed and continued to lunge at their owner. Burgess-Dismuke is described as a very small woman.

"Remind me, Nancy is maybe what, 80 pounds. Maybe,” Greer said. “She's tiny.”

Neighbors said Burgess-Dismuke often played with her dogs, allowing them to gnaw on her arms.

That was the case again on Thursday, but neighbors say something went terribly wrong.

County officials said the dogs would be euthanized Friday.

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