Elementary school’s award-winning program attracts students with a nose for news

Elementary school's award-winning program attracts students with a nose for news

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Every morning, Kainalu Elementary School in Kailua begins the day with its own news show delivered by its own news team.

The kid-casters communicate campus information and important reminders.

"We have to play fair, be kind to each other so our school can be one happy community," news anchor Kaizer Espiau said.

The KETC3LIVE news team is made up of 28 fifth- and sixth-graders, who perform as on-camera talent and behind-the-scenes technicians.

Their daily program is seen in every classroom via closed circuit television. And because it’s live there are no do-overs.

"It's scary at first. You're very scared being in front of the whole school," newscaster Kenzie Brammer said.

AnJie Catekista-Shelton has overseen the news show for eleven years as a volunteer media advisor..

For the past eight years the school has received numerous awards from PBS Hawaii's Hiki No and Olelo.

The program’s so popular getting in is tough. This school year 67 students applied for just 12 openings.

And it takes commitment.

“If they’re on for that cycle of news they’re here at 7 o’clock in the morning. They work after school. So they give up a lot of their free time,” Principal Kimberly Anthony-Maeda said.

Some students attended Kainalu when they were kids and worked on the show are now pursuing journalism in high school and college.

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