X1 World Events dealing with ‘shocking’ fallout from UFC Fight Pass event

X1 World Events dealing with 'shocking' fallout from UFC Fight Pass event

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - What was supposed to be an opportunity of a lifetime for some Hawaii mixed martial-artists has now turned into a nightmare.

The UFC president’s Dana White's "Looking for a Fight" event was set for a March broadcast in Hawaii, one that would be featured on league's own streaming service.

The event intended to pit athletes from local promotion X1 World Events against fighters from Michigan's Knockout Promotions. That was until racist remarks surfaced this week by KOP's Josh Medley.

The offending fight promoter is not affiliated with X-1 in any way. Unfortunately, it didn't matter.

"There's a big difference from just fighting at an event to and then having a chance at a UFC contract this is the big leagues and to have this opportunity taken away from me is just super frustrating,” said X1 featherweight fighter Braydon Akeo.

The comments were strong enough to prompt the UFC to send an email to X1 promoters, stating that "the UFC is no longer interested in filming the event" and that they should remove any social media posts associating X1 and the UFC.

Medley responded to Hawaii News Now’s request for comment late Wednesday evening stating that he is not a racist and that there are people working against him to sabotage his future business dealings.

The cancellation of the broadcast is just one of the problem, however.

As the March date approaches, X1 must now scramble to make other arrangements regarding the fighters themselves.

"The contracts were signed the venue was locked in the insurance everything was planned out to go for March 22nd,” said X1 World Events promoter Al Medeiros.

X1 World Events said they will continue on as planned with an event next month.

"We paid for the venue costs,” said X1 World Events president Mike Miller. “I’ve already paid for marketing we’ve already had matchmakers running around matching up matches...actually a big shock for all of us.”

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