‘They swarmed him’: Security guard badly beaten after asking group of boys to quiet down

‘They swarmed him’: A security guard responding to a noise complaint is beaten by a group of teens n

KALIHI (HawaiiNewsNow) - Honolulu police are investigating after a security guard was badly beaten by a group of teenagers near the Towers at Kuhio Park on Tuesday night.

It happened around midnight on the pedestrian bridge at the end of Richard Lane that connects different apartment complexes.

Witnesses, who wanted to remain anonymous, say the 27-year-old guard from a building near KPT went over to check on a noise complaint.

They say he asked the group to quiet down and that's when things escalated.

"These kids, they swarmed him," said one witness. "We saw him go down. He was screaming. He tried to put his hands up. Tried to fight back."

The witness says at one point, there were as many a 15 boys involved.

He says the teens were throwing large rocks at the guard and hitting him with a bat.

When he ran over to try and help the man, he says the boys became aggressive towards him.

"This kid started running down to us and he started putting his hands up saying, 'What's up, bro? Me and you. One on one,'" said the witness.

He says the group ran back to KPT once police arrived on scene.

The guard was shaken and badly beaten.

"His face was bad, very bad. Bloody. He was scared. To see him get messed up like that, it was literally like a horror scene walking over there, seeing blood on the floor," said the witness.

EMS says the guard was treated and taken to the hospital in serious condition.

Police have opened up a second-degree assault case, but no arrests have been made.

Residents say something needs to be done about the constant crime and noise in the area.

They say they've been complaining about the same group of boys, who they always see drinking, doing drugs, and blasting their music at all hours of the night.

"Especially night time," said one resident. "Yelling, people fighting. How can they solve this problem over here? It's been so long."

The complex manager at KPT did not return calls for comment.

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