A gift that will last a lifetime: Students make Valentine’s Day roses in metal

A gift that will last a lifetime: Students make Valentine’s Day roses in metal

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It’s a twist on a traditional Valentine’s Day gift. Students at Honolulu Community College are creating Valentine’s Day flowers that will never wilt.

They are called “forever flowers” and are handcrafted out of copper metal.

“We cut it out on the plasma in parts. Students learn how to make all the holes, cut it out, shape it, put it together and then twist it into the shape that they want,” said Danny Aiu, the sheet metal department chair who helped start the project.

“This came about when students were saying that I bet you couldn’t make a metal rose, and then in the class I said well I’ll just design it, cut it out and made a metal rose and from they always ask about,” said Aiu.

And the copper flowers have become a huge hit in the community, with all proceeds going back into the program.

“Yeah, non-stop definitely, every day trying to punch out as much as we can,” said student Xavier Agustin.

“Each of us have a quota of 46 and after that you know we make enough for extra credit or enough to take some home.”

After the students sell enough flowers to pay off the copper they used, the extra funds are used to create their final project.

“Their last project is a stainless-steel hibachi, a good-size one they get to take home so it doesn’t cost the school anything, just all their time,” said Aiu.

For over a decade, students at the college have participated in the project, with each rose a unique creation.

“All of them are a little different because everyone is putting their hands on them. You don’t get the same look out of every single one, so that’s what I think makes them really unique,” said Aiu.

The “forever flowers” will go on sale tomorrow at Honolulu Community College in building 17, from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. A single rose costs $15 or $50 for 4 roses.

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