A state deadline comes and goes, and the Falls of Clyde remains in purgatory

A state deadline comes and goes, and the Falls of Clyde remains in purgatory

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Time’s up for a 140-year-old ship docked at Honolulu Harbor. Or, at least, it was supposed to be.

The Falls of Clyde was supposed to be on its way to Scotland by now but those plans fell through. Now, this last-of-its-kind ship may end up on the auction block.

On Wednesday morning at Honolulu Harbor, the Falls of Clyde was securely moored at Pier 7 ― as it is every day.

Despite a state deadline to have the historic ship gone, there wasn’t a soul in sight, on board or anywhere else.

Friends of Falls of Clyde President Bruce McEwan said he’s admittedly apprehensive about the Falls’ future and whether she will ever make it home to Scotland.

“I have to say that hopeful would be stretching it a bit,” he said.

He confirmed Save Falls of Clyde International notified the state Wednesday that a company had signed on to move the ship but can’t do it until June.

The same yacht carrier agreed to do the job previously, but those plans fell through last month.

McEwan said two more companies had also been contacted to see if they could transport the ship any sooner.

Citing safety concerns, the state has wanted the vessel out of the harbor since 2014. They’ve warned the ship may be auctioned off if the ship isn’t gone by the deadline.

HNN reached out to harbor officials for an interview, but a spokesperson said the agency wanted to wait a day to comment.

Meanwhile, McEwan says the ship is safe, confirming crews completed repairs after it began taking on water last week.

“We have a contract in place right now where they will do regular weekly monitoring and have things prepared just in case they do find out there are some leaks that need to be patched,” said McEwan.

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