‘I was bawling’: Family overwhelmed as lost dog returns 4 years later

Dog returns to family 4 years after vanishing

BELLMEAD, TX (KWTX/Gray News) - Four years ago, Melissa Gibbard and her family lost their little Shih Tzu Poodle mix Lucy in Lorena.

She said the dog just vanished from their property.

"We just thought somebody took her and she was gone and then, I got a call yesterday almost 4 years later saying they had found her and the microchip had my information on it," Gibbard said.

A Bellmead animal control officer was called out on a story of a German shepherd running free in the streets of the small Central Texas town when he spotted the pooch.

When he went to pick the dog up, Lucy came up to him and he saw that she was covered in matted hair.

He called Gibbard after getting her information off the microchip, but they didn’t connect. So he posted her picture and Melissa’s name on Facebook.

"Charlie, the animal control officer from Bellmead is the one that posted her on the page and asked if anyone knew me," she said.

Her daughter saw the post and was stunned when she recognized Lucy.

She and her mother rushed to the Waco Animal Control Shelter where they had an emotional reunion with their long-lost pet.

“I was bawling, just joy I couldn’t believe she recognized me and just happiness for our family,” Gibbard said. “I couldn’t sleep last night, I mean just finding that she had a fishing lure in her, the lure that was embedded in her fur and just thinking about her being on the streets by herself."

Gibbard and her family have no idea what happened to her, who had her and how she fended for herself on the streets.

Lucy was taken for grooming Wednesday evening at a pet store in Waco.

"We're going to take her and get her a spa treatment today and get her groomed and get her fixed back up to her beauty," Gibbard said.

Gibbard, her four daughters and their father are now pampering Lucy, who appears to be healthy and relaxed.

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