‘It’s the size of a baby!’: One Kona farmer is selling 6-pound avocados

“It’s the size of a baby!” One Kona farmer is selling 6-pound avocados

KONA (HawaiiNewsNow) - Holy guacamole. Avocado fans: This one is for you.

Kenji Fukumitsu, a Kona farmer, has a tree that’s producing avocados that each weigh as much as a newborn baby.

“Look at the size of this, it’s unbelievable it’s like a baby … we should dress it," joked Dr. Joy McElory.

McElory is a doctor at Kona dermatology, a place that has become a frequent consumer of the gigantic avocados.

“Every month or so we would hear a big clunk and there’s a bag or a box of at least 20, 30 avocados at least six pounds each, even bigger,” said McElory.

So what’s the secret to the size? Fukumitsu chuckled, “That I don’t know.”

You see, growing these large fruits is nothing new to Fukumitsu. In fact, his family has been growing the giant avocados for almost 80 years.

Fukumitsu says that the first tree was grafted by his older brother in 1941, and it continues to produce the delicious avocados today.

“If you eat it during November month it is very watery, but after that it’s good,” said Fukumitsu.

And they may just break a world record too. Last year, another Big Island farmer broke the record for the largest avocado, weighing a mere 5 pounds and 8 ounces.

The current avocado Fukumitsu owns weighs 6 pounds and 12 ounces.

When asked if he knew about the world record, he said, “Been thinking nothing of that, we just pick and eat’em and we sold some," said Fukumitsu.

A humble man for growing what could be the world’s largest avocados.

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