Despite not having proper permits, an illegal Oahu rave was held anyway

Illegal rave held in Kunia

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Electronic Dance Music (EDM) fans converged on the Hawaii Country Club for an illegal rave Saturday night.

The late night crowds and rowdy behavior are a familiar frustration for community members who want city officials to step in and put a stop to future EDM events.

There were a lot of things that made it look like a completely sanctioned event. From marketing and promotion to no parking signs posted along Kunia Road, but the Department of Planning and Permitting said the event was far from legal.

“This event is an illegal event. The golf course owner and the concert organizers have violated the law,” Honolulu District 9 councilman Ron Menor said.

According to Menor, the DPP recently issued a letter to the country club and the event organizers, wonderland entertainment group, saying they were not within the city code.

“They are prohibited from holding this rave event because this event is not allowed under the city’s zoning designation for golf courses,” Menor said. “The golf course owner and promoter have decided and chosen to willfully violate the law by proceeding with this event.”

For nearby residents, this is about much more than just filing the proper paperwork.

The entertainment group was in the news back in 2016 during a similar event after which more than a dozen cars were broken into. And things things appear to be getting worse.

Raves are notoriously known for rowdy crowds, drug use and alcohol consumption.

“Why can’t they just go over there this afternoon and say hey you are not having this event. You didn’t follow the rules, you didn’t get the proper permit?” resident Maureen Andrade wondered.

Aside from the noise that goes on past 2 a.m., concert goers use the Park and Ride in Village Park near her home to shuttle to the event.

“People yelling and screaming and climbing on the cars and drinking,” is how Andrade described the scene after the concert.

She says she’s spoken to the event organizers hoping to work with them, but it went nowhere.

“Just listening to them they really didn’t care and they were going to do whatever they wanted to do anyway. So, none of the times they have held an event there did they come to the neighborhood board, did they go to the planning and permitting department,” she said.

But it’s not so easy for police when it comes to shutting down the event.

“The police (don’t) have the authority to enforce the city’s land use ordinance and zoning laws. That responsibility rests with the Department of Planning and Permitting,” Menor said.

In response, the DPP said they will begin investigating on Tuesday.

Our questions to event organizers wen unanswered Saturday.

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