You’re not gonna believe this, but that whale carcass is back on shore

The decaying whale carcass off Oahu that simply refuses to go away

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The decaying carcass of a sperm whale that’s served as a buffet table for dozens of sharks — and as the subject of seemingly dozens of stories over the last two weeks — has once again washed up along Oahu’s southern shore.

The rancid remains were spotted again Friday morning, in waters just off Sand Island. The dead animal first washed up on a reef in the same area last Friday.

In the days that preceded the first beaching, a number of videos popped up on social media showing sharks circling and chomping upon the blubbery animal remains. Eventually, though, winds and currents brought the massive mammal all the way to a reef near shore.

Epic drone footage shows tiger sharks feasting on whale carcass

By Saturday, with the smell of the animal overwhelming park-goers and the threat of sharks in the Sand Island area still strong, the animal’s carcass was towed more than 15 miles out to sea.

Once there, large sharks continued to feed on it. Among them? What’s believed to be biggest great white shark ever seen.

Her name is “Deep Blue.” She is 20-feet long and is likely the biggest great white ever captured on camera.

Shark biologist Ocean Ramsey photographed her and said only professionals should get close.

“If someone is jumping in next to a dead whale and a tiger shark is just trying to swim up to eat the whale, and they get bit, who’s reputation is gonna suffer? It’s the poor shark and many times with these “attacks” there’s some sort of human implication,” Ramsey said.

As a result of the danger, the state is urging oceangoers to stay away from the carcass.

But not everyone is listening.

Video captured Wednesday shows a swimmer climbing on the carcass and then falling into the water.

The Department of Land and Natural Resources' Division of Conservation and Resources Enforcement (DOCARE) Chief Jason Redulla said some reports also suggest people have tried to remove the whale’s teeth.

Redulla said which is not only illegal, it is “extremely culturally disrespectful.”

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