More Hawaiian names proposed for Kilauea’s ‘Fissure 8.’

More Hawaiian names proposed for Kilauea’s ‘Fissure 8.’
Fissure 8 was one of the most active sites of the whole eruption.

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A crop of new names have been proposed for the magnificent and powerful Fissure 8.

They include Enoho, which is Hawaiian for regeneration, hanaiʻana (creation) and hou hoʻomaka (new beginnings).

Another name suggestion honors the Hawaiian deity for the volcano and lava: ʻAilāʻau.

There have been an abundance of other suggestions to the naming board which includes Puʻu Kupaianaha, Puʻu O Luku, Keahiluawalu O Pele, Keahilapalapa and more. Some of the Hawaiian names translate to surprising or strange, marvelous, Hill of Destruction, or just an overall honor to the story of the place.

The Hawaii Board of Geographic Names plans to gather community input before making a decision.

No official word on when they will settle on a name.

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