Local Connection: Hawaii’s Lt. Governor

Local Connection: Hawaii’s Lt. Governor

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Hawaii News Now broadcast a refreshing picture last week – something we hadn’t seen much of in the first four years of the Ige Administration.

Walking through tall grass on a vacant piece of state land in Waianae, Lieutenant Governor Josh Green with state representative Cedric Gates alongside several supporters of the huge Waianae homeless camp.

They were working together scouting out a possible site to relocate the camp.

Lieutenant Governor Green is uniquely qualified to take on the issue of homelessness. Not only is a he medical doctor familiar with mental health and addiction issues, he’s been a state senator long enough to know where resources can be found in government and in the private sector.

And Green also doesn't seem afraid to intervene in a visible way on issues that most politicians avoid because of the fear of failure.

The Governor must embrace Green’s efforts; both in hopes of solving a problem, and for his example of leadership that this administration could learn from.

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