Hundreds of elk run across highway in Washington

The herd stopped traffic

Hundreds of elk run across road

ELLENSBURG, WA (Gray News) – A crew from Puget Sound Energy recently found themselves in the middle of a wildlife spectacle.

They were traveling in central Washington last week when they had to stop and wait as a herd of elk filed across a highway during their annual migration.

“It’s not often you see hundreds of elk running across a road!” the Puget Sound Energy Facebook page said. “This herd of elk was spotted at our Wild Horse Wind and Solar facility last week.”

Numerous over- and underpasses are being constructed in Washington to allow both wildlife and motorists to travel safely without crossing paths.

The utility has a partnership with the Trust for Public Lands and the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife. PSE has preserved 18,000 acres of undeveloped open space, where elk, mule deer, bobcats, badgers, hawks and other wildlife live.

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