Local Connection: A Shutdown Stalemate

Local Connection: A Shutdown Stalemate

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - The partial government shutdown is now harming thousands of people.

Federal workers are coping without paychecks, contractors who may never be paid, and individuals and businesses not getting programs and services they depend on.

It is frustrating to see this happening while leaders in Washington play the blame game in both directions, rather than seeking compromise.

Our President has proven he is willing to hurt people to get his way and the Democrats are willing to let people be hurt as long as the President takes the blame.

There will be a deal at some point that resolves the stalemate. It might be mostly semantic. It may just kick the can down the road, but it has already taken too long.

Even if the workers eventually get paid, the public, who pays taxes in return for a functioning government, will never get back the hundreds of thousands of productive hours that were lost.

This can’t keep happening. Perhaps if a shutdown also stopped payroll for congress and the White House, or meant that we could suspend our tax payments, maybe then Washington would get the message that this is not the way to serve the American people.

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