VIDEO: Well-dressed bandit enters home, makes off with new Prius

VIDEO: Well-dressed bandit enters home, makes off with new Prius
The man took his time stealing the vehicle and even returned to attempt to steal a motorcycle. (Source: KCAL/CNN)

RANCHO CUCAMONGA, CA (KCAL/CNN) – Police are searching for a well-dressed bandit made off with a new vehicle in a gated California community.

Part of the incident was captured on surveillance camera.

The man was seen jumping out of a Toyota Prius wearing a blue button-down shirt and dress pants, like he just got home from work.

Only it wasn’t his house or his car.

"Oh, it's the scariest thing ever," said Prag Sood who owns the home and vehicle that was stolen. "A stranger wandering around in your garage, scanning what to steal."

The man took his time looking for the keys, going back and forth between the car and the motorcycle, eventually welcoming himself inside the home.

“At one point he goes in the house, that’s where I skipped a heartbeat,” Sood said. “We have a little kids. We’re sleeping upstairs.”

The man eventually found the car keys and drove the Prius straight out of the garage.

Neighbors woke up when they heard the car being rammed right through the locked gate.

"And that's a solid base there and he just split it right off," said Tom Palzer, a neighbor.

One neighbor even looked out of the window and saw the suspect in the act, but his outfit helped him off the hook.

"He says he saw the guy, nice-looking clothes, walking to a white Prius outside. They said there was nothing suspicious because of the way he was dressed," Sood said.

The bandit came back for another go at the motorcycle.

He couldn't unlock the steering column so he finally left.

Sood admits, he mistakenly hit the garage door button twice leaving it open that night.

He just hopes someone recognizes the stranger before he enters someone else’s home.

"If he came in and came upstairs, I don't know what I would have done," Sood said.

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