Hawaii fugitive whose street name is ‘Murder, Inc.’ faces new federal charges

Fugitive now also faces federal drug, firearms charges

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - A 41-year-old accused of shooting his girlfriend last month in Kahaluu is now also facing federal crimes.

Bronson Gouveia has been on the run since Dec. 23, when authorities said he tried to kill his girlfriend.

The woman survived and is now in hiding, but so is Gouveia.

Even his attorney hasn’t heard from him.

“I was prepared to be present and surrender him because I didn’t want a question of whether or not somehow during an arrest that he would be injured or even shot," said lawyer Michael Green.

"But one thing led to another and that was the last time we had a discussion with his wife about doing that. So I have no idea where he is.”

When HPD officers searched his home in Kahaluu in December, they found nearly 1,400 grams of crystal methamphetamine, a rifle and a semi-automatic rifle, according to court documents.

The discoveries mean Gouveia is now facing federal drug and firearms charges.

“The federal agencies … they have vast resources, cast a huge net over the whole state of Hawaii. They can enlist in the assistance of the cell phone companies, the airlines,” said HNN law enforcement expert Tommy Aiu.

Aiu is a retired special agent with the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration. He said federal agents will be using all their resources to capture Gouevia.

“Identify his phone, looking at the phones of his friends and associates to see who may be helping him or harboring him … who they sell drugs to, where they bought the weapons from, track the serial numbers on the weapons. There’s many, many ways to track down an individual," he said.

Gouveia has 54 prior arrests — 25 of which are for felonies — and 22 convictions, including for drugs, theft, burglary, car break-in, stolen vehicles and gun offenses.

Public Safety officials said he was released from state custody in August on time served.

On Dec. 9, 2018, two weeks before the alleged shooting, Gouveia was arrested by Las Vegas Metropolitan police for strangling the same girl at Treasure Island hotel. He posted $15,000 bail.

Now, there’s is a $1 million bench warrant for his arrest.

He was last seen driving a BMW, with a 187 sticker on the rear window, which is the penal code for murder on the mainland. Sources say his street name is “Murder Inc.” and police say he is considered armed and dangerous.

“He’s a recognizable figure and he grew up in a tough place and he’s been involved in some things that I have no doubt that he regrets," Green said.

“I just want to make sure that he is safe and has the opportunity to defend himself.”

Police want the public to remember tips are completely anonymous through their CrimeStoppers app and tipsters can be eligible for a reward.

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