Royal Hawaiian Guardian. Sistah Shark. Geckoman. Meet the man creating superheroes for Hawaii

Royal Hawaiian Guardian. Sistah Shark. Geckoman. Meet the man creating superheroes for Hawaii

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - In his art studio in Ewa, Chris Caravalho’s creativity runs wild.

"I write the stories, create the characters," he said.

With pencil and paper, he brings to life island-style comic book superheroes that he features in his self-published comic books.

His company is called Mana Comics.

“If local people had superpowers, this would be it. So it’s filled with island culture, island humor, and local characters that everybody that lives here or just loves Hawaii can identify with,” Caravalho said.

His crime fighters have names like Royal Hawaiian Guardian, Sistah Shark and the Mighty Moke.

"I have Supersize Sole, he's my Kalihi boy," he said. "I'm Portuguese so I gotta represent and that's Portuguese Man-o-War."

The stories happen in Hawaii. Each issue is sprinkled with local humor and pidgin' English.

In the wide world of comics, his creations are totally unique.

"The kids just gravitate to it. They say, 'Hey, I can totally relate to this. This is awesome. Look at these characters,'" he said.

Caravalho’s dreamed of producing his own comics since he was a kid drawing his friends as crimefighters.

And then four years ago, he formed his company.

Now he has a team that helps with layouts and artwork to produce the product.

"It's not just me. It's the creative team and a group effort," he said.

The comics are sold through his website, at comics stores, and at pop-up events.

He's happy kids read his stories because it means they're reading.

"When I got to schools or to different events I like to show kids, 'Hey, look. You can make your own superhero too and make it reflect your culture," he said.

Caravalho, 47, also has a day job: As a Honolulu police officer.

The comics thing was a hobby. Now it’s a second job, and he has more ideas ready to jump off the drawing board.

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