Jason Momoa photo-bombed their wedding snapshots (and they couldn’t be happier)

Jason Momoa photo-bombed their wedding snapshots (and they couldn’t be happier)

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - “Aquaman” Jason Momoa is on Oahu — and all over social media.

(Image: Eric Mansperger)
(Image: Eric Mansperger)

Fans all around the island have been snapping selfies with the actor as he promotes his movie at home.

Two of those lucky fans ran into Momoa at an extra special moment: Their wedding. And he joined the celebration.

"I think we were just in disbelief," said newlywed Brandon Myers. "I mean, we didn't expect for any of that to happen or know that he was here or anything like that, so it was just fun."

Newlyweds Brandon and Katie Myers had just 12 guests at their wedding Thursday at the Four Seasons Resort at Ko Olina. But suddenly, lucky number 13 arrived.

Momoa happened to walk by during the couple’s post-ceremony photo shoot on the beach.

“I mean it was our wedding day so were just in this blissed-out state” said Katie Myers. “I almost kind of felt I was in a bit of a dream, like, ‘Oh yeah this isn’t real, this isn’t him.’”

Their photographer, Eric Mansperger, coaxed Momoa into joining the newlyweds.

“And he jumps in and he, was like, ‘I’m gonna Sasquatch them!’ And it was pretty awesome, man,” said Mansperger.

“All of a sudden he’s kind of taking direction, or more giving direction, saying ‘I’m gonna be back here. I’m gonna sasquatch from behind them and look back, you get over there.’”

“That trident that he had he borrowed from a kid on the beach and I saw him sign it and gifting it after, so it was pretty cool to see him just be so nice and sweet and gracious,” said Katie Myers.

While Hawaii News Now was interviewing the Myers, Momoa showed up again on the beach for interviews with national media. And now the couple is enjoying their own brush with fame.

“It’s crazy. I mean, we woke up to a bunch of different text messages and calls and it’s overwhelming, but it’s just part of the fun,” said Brandon Myers. “He was really gracious, really down-to-earth and was more than happy to add something special to our day.”

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