This glowing ‘garden’ is Kakaako’s latest Insta-worthy attraction

This glowing ‘garden’ is Kakaako’s latest Insta-worthy attraction
The light garden shines bright in Kakaako, attracting curious crowds. (Source: Ward Village)
(Source: Ward Village)

KAKAAKO, OAHU (HawaiiNewsNow) - It’s lit. Literally.

That’s how one could describe Ward Village’s latest community attraction.

Over the weekend, the Victoria Ward Park was unveiled with a vibrant and bright feature: The ‘Light Garden, a 1,000-Year Bloom.’ It’s a one-of-a-kind immersive art exhibit for the public to enjoy and take trendy Instagram pics.

The Victoria Ward Park was designed to provide a modern space for the community in the urban core.

The park was named to honor former steward of the land Victoria Ward. Because of her efforts nearly a century ago, the area grew into a gathering place, Ward Village officials said in a news release.

The light garden, which debuted to the public this weekend, was a big hit online, especially for Instagram users chasing the perfect night shot. Officials estimated about 10,000 people total visited the garden of electrical flowers on Friday and Saturday.

“Inspired by the Hawaiian flora, Light Garden, a 1,000-Year Bloom features over 25,000 LED lights in more than 2,300 floral 3D sculptures spanning 9,500 square feet, and is Symmetry Labs’ largest-scale work to date,” organizers said.

(Source: Ward Village)
(Source: Ward Village)

The attraction will be closed from Dec. 17 till Dec. 20 for private events, and will reopen to the public on Dec. 21 and remain open until Jan. next year.

“Today, former warehouses and concrete give way to an acre and a half of lush grass with native plants and a grove of coconut trees reminiscent of the original Ward Estate,” said Todd Apo, Senior Vice President of Community Development at The Howard Hughes Corporation. “Victoria Ward Park represents the dedication to preserve original elements of Ward’s legacy, a guiding vision to create a modern day haven in urban Honolulu.”

For more information on the attraction, click here.

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