Crosswalk that creates a traffic nightmare in Salt Lake also has its supporters

A crosswalk that creates a traffic nightmare near Moanalua High also has its supporters

HONOLULU (HawaiiNewsNow) - Some residents are pushing to remove a crosswalk from a busy intersection in Salt Lake, saying it creates a dangerous traffic mess for vehicles and pedestrians.

The crosswalk is located near Moanalua High School at the intersection of Ala Napunani and Ala Ilima Streets.

Residents say the area becomes extremely congested when students are walking to and from school.

“Everybody is coming home at that time, everybody is getting out of school at that time, and that section right there becomes a dam and nobody can move,” said Larry Baird, Salt Lake neighborhood board member.

“I have sat there sometimes for 40, 45 minutes waiting to get through that intersection.”

A special neighborhood board meeting was held Thursday night to discuss the proposal.

Robin Martin, principal of Moanalua High School, says it’s been a problem for years and she supports the idea.

"It was something that had never been proposed before, but might have a chance of having an impact. It's not like anything has to be constructed or it's not something that couldn't be changed back easily," said Martin.

But city officials say not all residents want to see the crosswalk disappear.

"The traffic that comes out off Ala Ilima in the morning backs up ridiculously, so they are grateful that every once and awhile people cross here, so that it stops traffic and allows them to make a right turn," said Robert Kroning, director of the city's Department of Design and Construction.

Some at the meeting also expressed concern that removing it won't stop students from running across the street.

In the end, the neighborhood board voted 5-to-3 to recommend removing the crosswalk.

The city will come back with alternative ideas for members by early next year.

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